Lab Amenities

Computer Lab

The college  has  a  well-equipped  Computer  Laboratory  having  all  necessary  facilities  for  the  trainees. The trainees are given special training to teach through Computer & Information Technology using MS WORD, MS EXCEL, MS POWERPOINT and Internet.

Science Lab

Science   lab has been   specially prepared for the trainees having all necessary facilities for the trainees to make all the Science Experiments individually as per their syllabus.

Psychology Lab

The  College  is  well  equipped  with  Psychology  Laboratory  where  the  trainees  conduct  experiments  in  the Psychology of teaching.

Mathematics Laboratory

The concept of Mathematics Laboratory has been needed for Trainees. Because it fulfil the objective of:-

  • Making teaching and learning of the subject interactive, participatory, fun filling and joyful from primary stage of schooling.
  • Strengthening the learning of mathematical concepts through concrete materials and hands-on-experiences.
  • Relating classroom learning to real life situations and discourage rote and mechanical learning.

So this training institute have a well-equipped Mathematics Lab


The Training College has a rich library having 3,000 books. There are books on Education, Novels, Poetry, Critisism, Short Stories Plays, Biographies and Autobiography, Books on Travels, Books on Geography, History, and Children’s literature, English, Hindi, Educational Psychology, Education, Environment, Science, Commerce, Mathematics and Computer. A number of periodicals both specialized and general are available. The library offers borrowing facilities to trainees for books and non-book materials. In the latter category are included such things as pictures, charts, maps and other kinds of projected transparencies.